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The ASU-DCU partnership is a relationship of shared strengths based on knowledge exchange and collaboration. There are three key areas where the two universities can make a significant impact as partners.

Biodesign Europe leverages ASU’s success in biosciences research as seen with its highly awarded Biodesign Insitute and aims to establish Biodesign Europe through partnering with DCU’s health-focused research centers.

DCU leads the Age Friendly University global network and can draw on ASU’s expertise in lifelong learning and other age-friendly initiatives. As members of the Age-friendly network, ASU and DCU are committed to education access for all.

Smart innovation is another area where ASU and DCU can offer complementarity through projects such as the Smart Stadium.

Both universities understand the need for innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s society and encourage this trait in their student bodies. Both ASU and DCU are AshokaU Changemaker Campuses.