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ASU and DCU researchers are working together on many projects in the area of Education. Below are some examples:

International School of Biomedical Diagnostics (PDF)
The ISBD programme is designed to prepare students to take on roles of greater responsibility and impact within biomedical diagnostics and related healthcare fields.

The Changing Landscape of Higher Education (PDF)
DCU's Institute of Education and ASU's Teachers College are working together to develop programmes to enhance teacher education.

Gifted Education (PDF)
DCU and ASU are proven leaders in the area of provision for gifted children.  DCU is home to the Centre for Talented Youth (CTY Ireland) which provides fast-paced courses for high ability children aged 6 to 16 in college-like subjects on Saturdays and during the summer. ASU hosts the Herberger Young Scholars Academy which is a full-time school for gifted children where students take accelerated courses in a highly engaging learning environment.