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Some of the developing projects are:

CHAnge: Center for Healthy Ageing (PDF)
The CHAnge project focuses the on the cutting-edge sensor and information and communications technology to real-life, personalised, person-focused applications in our diverse societies.  The objective will be to create an environment where we can collect and analyse health data from our communities  (old and young) and will act as a living lab on both university campuses. 

Early Detection of Risk of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (PDF)
Diabetes mellitus (DM) currently affects over nine per cent of the population in both the United States and European Union, constituting an enormous healthcare and socioeconomic burden.  Type-2 DM (T2DM) accounts for over 90 per cent of newly diagnosed diabetes cases. Research is increasingly focused on validating novel circulatory biomarkers which may help to stratify individuals across the T2DM spectrum - from pre-diabetic individuals to more serious T2DM sufferers with underlying cardiocascular disease (CVD). 

Understanding Human Motion Through Wearable Sensors (PDF) 

DNA Origami Nanorobots for Early Cancer Detection (PDF)
The goal of this research is to develop DNA-origami-based nanorobots, decorated with antibodies, aptamers and high-brightness nanoparticles, for cancer cell deteciton. The devices will have the capacity to carry therapeutic and biochemical fingerprinting technologies for in-cell theranostics - the combination of therapeutics and diagnostics.

Development of Point-of-Care Programmable Diagnostic Tools (PDF)
There is a clinical need for robust, rapid, point of care serologic assays for the detection of infectious diseases and cancer.  This project leverages two existing and complementary technologies towards the development of a cost-efficient, robust and analytically flexible point-of-care device for serologic measurements of any target antigen.