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Perceptions of Water (PDF)
Building from a long-term social science study of water concerns, issues and rights based at ASU (the Global Ethnohydrolody Study), the Water Insitute at DCU, is leading an Irish extension and application of the project designed to better understand the social and cultural dimensions of these emerging Irish concerns around water.

Nano-Coated Fiber Optics: New Reactor Technologies for Water Treatment (PDF)
The presence of water-borne pollutants and their possible effects on living organisms has emerged as a serious environmental concern.  There is an increasing need for cost- and energy-efficient clean technologies such as advanced oxidation processes for the removal and degradation of pollutants before they find their wat into ground water wells, surface waters and drinking water.  This collaboration between ASU and DCU will advance the creation of an innovative and cost-effective new technology that will lead to innovation in water treatment processes.